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Mr. Yang Yoon-Jae

Former Professor, Seoul National University
Former Vice Mayor of the city of Seoul

Dr. Yang Yoon Jae is a politician and a senior advisor to many major organizations in South Korea. He was the Vice Mayor of the city of Seoul (2004-2005), Chief Advisor of SK Gas Corporation (2008-2013) and Chairman of the Korean Urban Design Institute.

Today, he is still actively contributing to his country through his roles as Senior Advisor to the Daewoo Foundation, which specializes in funding Korea’s educational, cultural and public health projects. He is a member of many prominent organizations such as the Korean Institute of Architects, the Korean Landscape Architecture.

During his career, he was the head of many important national projects, including the Nation’s Symbol Street, Seoul.

Dr. Yang was the Head of Cheonggyecheon Restoration project and participated in the overall planning process for Seoul’s Rapid Bus system.

A Havard graduate, he was the author and translator for academic works such as Forms of Low-Income Family Housing in Seoul (1991) or Democracy of Urbanism and Freedom of Architecture (Seoul, 2015)