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Mr. Kim Min Sung

Executive Director, Smart City, Farm and Health Department, KT Corporation

Kim Min Sung graduated from Hanyang University with a degree in architecture engineering and a Master’s degree in sustainable development at Cambridge University (United Kingdom).

Joining KT Corporation since 2011 as Director, Deputy Head of Global Energy Project, Kim Min Sung is currently the Executive Director of the Smart City, Farm and Health Department of KT Corporation.

KT officially became the first telecom network in the world to commercialize 5G to individual users in early April of 2019. Thanks to the early development of this mobile network, Korea’s largest telecommunications group has many advantages in technology development for smart urban areas. KT’s comprehensive smart technology solution (KT Smart City) is known as “GiGA Smart City” - including:

• GiGA eyes (informing emergency situations in real time through carema system of intelligent CCTV monitoring Full HD display and technology based on artificial intelligence - AI)
• GiGA safe (integrated safety assurance system to help detect emergency situations and control situations)
• GiGA energy (real-time energy platform that allows control and adjustment of operations to optimize energy)
• GiGA VR (virtual reality video services - high resolution VR based on real-time high-speed network)
• GiGA secure (storage service with artificial intelligence - AI for information security through big data collection and analysis - big data)
• GiGA drive (optimal management and control through data analysis - providing a comprehensive solution by connecting and controlling mobility vehicles such as cars, ships, etc.).